The greenhouse sector of the economy is one of the main consumers of our products both in Russian Federation and in Europe. By greenhouse sector greenhouse plants (complexes) themselves are understood, divided by area into industrial (over 1 ha), farms (from 0.1 ha to 1 ha) and individually owned farms (less than 0.1 ha, known as hobby houses in Europe), companies producing structures and equipment for greenhouses, as well as construction and managing companies associated with this area of agriculture. 

We make it real to build a "castle of glass" with our help. And we create this reality ourselves by using the most modern European equipment and by destroying many stereotypes about glass.

New requirements in modern construction are satisfied by appearance of new materials with unique qualities. Tempered glass has become one of such beautiful, transparent, elegant and at the same time very reliable materials for construction in various fields as well as in everyday life. It is used in a wide variety of different glass structures.


The main activity of our company is production of tempered greenhouse glass. It is transparent glass with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm (depending on Customer's demand) as well as diffuse glass. Greenhouse glass can be used in industrial greenhouses, greenhouse farms, garden centers and individually owned greenhouses. The use of high-quality raw materials and of special technologies at the production stage provide high strength, heat resistance, environmental friendliness and visual characteristics of greenhouse glass, above all, a high level of light transmission. All kinds of glass produced by our company comply with the requirements of EN 12600 and GOST 30698-2014 standards.

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